There are so many wonderful things about this studio. All of the teachers are knowledgable and encouraging. The stress-free environment is perfect for dancers of all ability levels and there is a strong emphasis on learning to execute movements safely while still having fun.
— Lindsay B.
After dancing for most of my childhood and adolescence, I had a hard time dealing with the lack of dance classes in my adult life. I had chances to take classes here and there, but I never really belonged to a studio. Then I tried Artisan Dance Studio, and I was completely blown away. The teachers are not only amazingly talented and knowledgeable - they are also the most supportive, interesting, funny and caring people you will ever meet! The other students are wonderful, and everyone is so supportive as we learn and grow in our skill as dancers. Dancing at Artisan offers both exciting challenges and a comfortable environment that creates a sense of belonging, no matter what your experience or ability. I truly think dancing at Artisan has changed my life and made me both a better dancer and a happier person.
— Emily S.
Artisan Dance is more than just another dance or fitness studio- it’s also a community. The classes are approachable, engaging, and as challenging as you want them to be (which to me says a lot about how adaptable the teachers are). The atmosphere is warm, cheerful, and supportive. I appreciate how Artisan is continuously offering new classes for cross training and new opportunities to perform or be a part of the Artisan community.  When I first walked into Artisan, I thought I was just walking in to take a dance class. I didn’t realize I would walk out with a whole new group of friends. I am so thankful to have found Artisan and would and do suggest it to anyone even remotely interested in dance. 
— Rachel W.
Artisan Dance Studio is one of the most fun, welcoming places I’ve ever been. I had dance training growing up but after over 6 years off, I was very intimidated to come to my first class. All of my fears melted away when I set foot in the studio. I have made friends with the other dancers and have grown not just as a dancer, but as a person. It has shown me that I can persevere and continue to dance both for my own enjoyment, and for the enjoyment of others through performances with Artisan Ballet Company. No matter what level of experience you have, if you have the desire to learn dance, there is a place for you at Artisan.
— Janelle M.
Last year, after twenty years away from dance, I decided to return to ballet.  I found Artisan, and I knew immediately that the studio was the right fit for me.  Artisan has so many class options, I was confident I’d find the right level for my comfort returning.  I was right! Also, because there are so many classes and instructors, I’ve been able to push myself and improve since then.  I love being able to perform with the Artisan Ballet Company as I’d never dreamed of being on stage again.  The studio itself is a warm and encouraging environment, and every instructor has something different to offer.  Being able to take from a variety of people who have different approaches to dance is very valuable to me.  As cliche as it might sound, it really is my home away from home.
— Jennifer B.
My three dancing daughters and I all take dance classes at Artisan!  why?  three words: enthusiastic, encouraging and energetic no matter what age or dance experience you have!  And they do a large annual performance where all who want a part will have one!  Best studio in Columbus!! 
— Melanie L.
I started at Artisan in my comfort zone (tap), but was so consistently encouraged to expand into other classes - and had so much fun when I did - that over the years I think I have taken a class in each style at least once.  I even take ballet classes regularly now after swearing I would never try it again after a mildly traumatic childhood experience! But now I actually enjoy those ballet classes - and every other class at Artisan - not just because the instruction is excellent, and a rare find in that there are adult classes of every level and even the most advanced dancers can be challenged, but also because of the genuine community that exists there. I routinely use the wrong arm or foot or go the wrong direction (especially in ballet...), but I never feel silly or shamed by teachers or other dancers, just encouraged that everyone starts somewhere and to get back out there and try it again.  I would (and do) recommend Artisan to dancers (or would be dancers) of any and every level.  It’s never too late to start!
— Susan V.
After being away from dance for ten years and giving birth to my daughter, I thought my ballet days were over. Thanks to Artisan, I couldn’t have been more wrong! Jessica Kehn has created an inviting and nurturing studio for dancers of all ages and levels, where each student is encouraged to learn and grow in a fun and supportive environment. True passion for dance is evident here in every class and every dancer- I can’t recommend Artisan enough!
— Alyssa K.